About Us

Horses helping mental wellbeing

Healing Hooves offers a relaxed environment in a tranquil setting, in which participants can enjoy quality equine interaction. They can learn about horses and the day to day care, allowing them to learn new skills promoting self esteem and confidence that can be used in real life situations.

Spending time with the horses which may include grooming, cleaning the stables, making feeds, going for a walk or just being near them all promotes the feeling of well being, awareness, focus, communication concentration, relaxation and happiness.

Horse assisted therapies are found to help with social readjustment and emotional repairing. Due to horses being sensitive, vulnerable animals, but also majestic and playful, they help build self esteem and confidence in people with depression or anxieties.

As a horse is a prey animal, they are hyper vigilant always scanning their surroundings for danger, and it has been shown, that people who have experienced trauma, can relate them.

Horses are able to read how a person is feeling and are totally non judgemental putting the person at ease, by responding to their behaviour.

Being around the horses can promote self esteem, awareness, control, focus, concentration, communication, relaxation and happiness.